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Access to education can increase well-being, decrease social discriminations, favour the economic development of a whole ecosystem and create better living conditions for the ones living in disadvantaged rural areas of Haiti. Making a child actor of his/her own development is the most effective way to guarantee his/her future and that of his/her entire region.
Education can save and maintain alive, offering physical, cognitive and psycho-social protection. We invite you, while visiting this website, to discover our projects, realisations and selected actions that support the development of disadvantaged and excluded children in Haiti. Education has no borders. We thank you for your attention and wish you a good visit.


OSEDH is a non-governmental association regulated by the French law "Loi 1901". Our objective is to collect funds to assist young and disadvantaged children and give them free education. The school "Ô Secours de l’Enfant" supported by OSEDH has been created in 2001 by the pastor Lessage Morisseau. The situation of Haiti remains difficult: social imbalances economic precariousness and natural disasters (earthquakes in 2010 and hurricane Matthew in 2016, among others).

In 2014, the association OSEDH was born thanks to the Family Morisseau and many friends surrounding it. The association collects financial and material donations that go entirely to the children. OSEDH relies on a team of volunteers who all want to offer a free education to the disadvantaged children of this world.

Our Campaigns

Daily school activities

The school « Au Secours de l’Enfant » was set up in 2001. It has welcomed more than 250 children with a free education. Our school deals with a part of the 80% of children not going to school. Help us financing the teachers’ wages to guarantee a quality school

One meal a day for the kids

The kids of the school of the Aquin Hill have to walk a lot to arrive at school. Therefore, they often arrive starving and this is not optimal to start studying. Let’s fund a free breakfast to give the kids the energy they need to study in our nice school

Donation card 2020

Order one or more copies of the Donation card of OSEDH anno 2020 and choose the amount of your donation.

You can also donate to OSEDH on behalf of another person.

Our Actions

Collect funds for a cause that matters to you.

Absolute poverty of the parents, disproportionate education fees, distance to school, lack of teachers and materials … are among the main obstacles to access to education in the rural regions of Haiti. We contribute directly to the development of the local Haitian economy and strengthen the ties with a region where the inhabitants are very welcoming and happy to have their children in school. This reinforces our motivation in our actions.

Our Realisations

For the school year 2015-2016 :

  • Schooling of 200 children for free
  • School material freely available
  • Funding of the 8 monthly salaries of the school personal
  • For the school year 2016-2017 :

  • Schooling of 215 children for free
  • School material freely available
  • Funding of the 10 monthly salaries of the school personal
  • Events