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Devenez bénévole pour OSEDH en Haïti

Since the creation of our association, OSEDH has received an international support from people close to the cause, but also from other charities and sport organizations, all fighting for the cause of the children.

Sport and solidarity at “Vittorino da Feltre” in Piacenza with the second edition of the “Games of Vitto”, a sports initiative with a hundred participants, the majority of whom were young athletes (5 to 16 years old), with sports coaches also in attendance.

Participants are split into categories by age and compete against each other during tournaments in 5 sports traditionally linked to the association: rowing (250m), tennis (Americana), table tennis (with direct elimination), swimming (25m) and triathlon (biking, swimming and running).

The organizers added another set of tests, represented by a course specially set up by Vittorino’s gym personnel in order to evaluate the coordination and motor skills of the participants. Every test had a score attached that would determine the winners.

By bringing young and old together; the games are a sign of solidarity. All the donations received during this event went to OSEDH.

There is a natural synergy between the association “Societa Canottiero” (organizer of the junior Olympics) and OSEDH. This goes back to the creation of the multidisciplinary center in 1883 that is named symbolically after a great man of the 15th century: Vittorino Faltre. Coming from a modest family, he had given himself the goal to educate poor people through the funding of a schooling model. It is therefore a belief in education and childhood that links those two organizations.

A generosity without limits

Life is made up of meeting and sharing, as you can see in the picture. In 2018, the association “Tout le monde contre le cancer” generously donated gifts for the children of Haiti. They made the children at the orphanage “Voix des Anges” at Fond des Negre very happy! Thank you Tout le Monde Contre le Cancer!