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Our actions

Absolute poverty of the parents, disproportionate school fees, remoteness from school, lack of teachers and teaching material are among the main obstacles to education in rural areas of Haiti. We directly contribute to the development of the local Haitian economy and strengthen the ties with the inhabitants of those regions. The aim of our humanitarian actions is to build, rehabilitate and support schools in the South-West of Haiti. It is common knowledge that education is key to any humanitarian action. Regardless of the socio-professional category of his/her parents, every child in Haiti deserves a decent education. OSEDH’s actions on the field allow the schooling and education of 215 Haitian children.
OSEDH ensures that its funding is entirely devoted to the children’s schooling. We however cannot act alone. This is why we call for your support in diverse ways.

Our programs

In the short-term

  • Payment of the school fees
  • Free supply of teaching material to the pupils and teachers (notebooks, pencils, school books and slates)
  • Monthly payments of the 7 teachers, director, mission head and versatile agent’s salaries
  • Provision of a daily meal for each pupil
  • In the medium term

  • Put in place a canteen
  • Install a drinkable water system
  • Put in place a school library for the children
  • Put in place a sanatorium to deliver first care
  • In the long term

  • Proceed to the construction of a new building for the school "O Secours de L'Enfant" with a capacity of 600 pupils
  • This building will respect earthquake security norms to ensure optimal teaching conditions
  • Participate to the replanting of the area around the school by putting in place a course on rural development and agronomy
  • Help other schools with difficulties
  • Your engagement on our side brings a concrete and sustainable support to our projects!
  • Our Campaigns

    Donation card 2020

    Order one or more copies of the Donation card of OSEDH anno 2020 and choose the amount of your donation.

    You can also donate to OSEDH on behalf of another person.

    Green education

    Help us to finance the wage of the agronomist teaching lessons of Green Education at the Aquin Hill school in Haiti. He raises awareness about environment protection thanks to replanting the nearby forest and fruit trees

    Daily school activities

    The school « Au Secours de l’Enfant » was set up in 2001. It has welcomed more than 250 children with a free education. Our school deals with a part of the 80% of children not going to school. Help us financing the teachers’ wages to guarantee a quality school

    One meal a day for the kids

    The kids of the school of the Aquin Hill have to walk a lot to arrive at school. Therefore, they often arrive starving and this is not optimal to start studying. Let’s fund a free breakfast to give the kids the energy they need to study in our nice school