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2018 was rich in solidarity for the NGO OSEDH.

OSEDH was created in 2015 and is a recognized NGO in France. OSEDH is specialized in the education of children and is active on the field in the building of schools in rural areas of Haiti.

OSEDH is run solely by volunteers who believe that help for children should not only be deployed in times of emergency, natural catastrophe or political crisis but also to support long-term projects and sustainable development.

In June 2018, during a charity dinner organized in Paris by the Zonta Club Paris Etoile, to support OSEDH, the association received a donation worth 5000 EUR, offered by the area 1 of the 29th District, as you can see on the picture below, aimed at supporting children in Haiti.

Zonta is an international service club, which prides itself on being inter-professional, apolitical and non-confessional. It brings together women and men from the entire world. Its members use their influence and capacity for others, with the aim of promoting women socially and culturally.

Zonta is present in over 70 countries and has approximatively 30,000 members, the majority of whom are women, with some male members. A vast diversity in cultures and life situations characterizes Zonta but all members have a common goal: to improve the legal, professional, political and economic situation of women across the world.

Zonta has an NGO status with a consultative voice at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Zonta has three international service projects and a few permanent grants that are supported and financed by 1250 Zonta clubs across the world. These projects and grants benefit women and children, in particular through education and training.

It is therefore natural for Zonta to generously support OSEDH. OSEDH is specialized in the education of children and effectively deployed in the development of education in rural areas of Haiti. Since 2014, the association has enabled the schooling of over 3,000 children and given free education to pupils in rural regions of Haiti.

The generous donation received during the evening of the 12th of June 2018 will allow OSEDH to finance the salaries of the professors and director of the school and organize skills trainings for the teachers. Currently, 250 children go to the school “O Secours de l’enfant” that the NGO supports. The funds will be used among others for :

✓ 250 backpacks for the children

✓ 500 A4 notebooks for the children (2 per child)

✓ 6 new black boards

✓ financing daily meals for the 250 children (approximatively 200 EUR per month)

In the short term, OSEDH intends to focus on increasing the number of women in the teaching team, on better supporting the schooling of girls, on paying for the school fees of the children and on supporting the neighboring orphanage called ‘Voix des Anges’ in Fond des Negres.

In the medium term, the association would like to implement a school canteen, install a drinkable water system and a library for the children, as well as a nursery to give the first care.

In the long term, the NGO aims at constructing a new building for the school “O Secours de l’Enfant” with a capacity of 600 pupils and an IT class. This construction will respect para-seismic norms and provide the best teaching conditions.

The NGO is also working on sustainable development as it raises awareness on the reforestation of the area where the school is located. A rural development module has recently been introduced at the school.

Since May 2018, OSEDH has put a program in place with the agronomy professor that aims to teach future generations the importance of protecting their environment. Even though the children live in a rural area and not in a city, it is an important topic to share with them.

Haiti is located in a seismic zone and has experienced a lot of natural catastrophes (e.g. Hurricane Mathew in October 2016) which cause huge destruction and majorly affect the inhabitants and their natural environment. The rural area in which the school “O Secours de l’Enfant” is located lacks vital installations and resources such as electricity or waste water systems. Waste management is a real problem in the area and the lack of sustainable infrastructures penalizes its inhabitants. Waste accumulates and destroys the ecosystem.

The objective of our project in the medium and longer term is to support the children and the future generations in their education so they can respect and protect their natural environment.